Epidavros Theatre

cruise duration: 16h30 - 2h30 - distance from marina: 30 nautical miles - up to 6 guests 

Epidavros Festival promises you magical summer nights, full of music, theatre and dance! Ancient Greek drama is staged at the Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, and musical events take place at the Little Theatre. Enjoy a performance as the ancient Greeks would do in these outstanding architectural monument known for their unique acoustics. Thanks to this festival, both the Little Theatre, as well as the Great Epidaurus Theatre have seen the rebirth of Ancient drama more than half a century ago. If planning to attend to any of the scheduled events accessing the theatres by sea is the most direct, fast and comfortable way. It is a great opportunity to enjoy a luxury cruise along a magical sunset setting.

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Evening Cruise to Epidavros on festival nights

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Chartering m/y FORKYS includes full board services, two crew members (captain and first mate), fuel, third party liability insurance and all applicable taxes.