Aegina Island

cruise duration: 9h30 - 19h30 -  distance from marina: 23 nautical miles - up to 6 guests 

The island of Aegina is one of the most popular tourist destinations as it is the closest island to Athens. Eventhough the island small, it boasts a great number of sights and natural beauties, and has great archeological interest. Aegina town, the capital of the island, stands out for its well-preserved buildings. The pretty harbour draws in visitors who can drink up the atmosphere of a traditional Greek scene. Sun-loving guests will definitely soak up the sun in the island's crystalline beaches. Aigina is also surrounded by many smaller islands (Agkistri, Moni, Metopi, Diaportia, Lagouses, Kyra, Dorousa, Spalathonisi) that are only accessible by boat.

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Day Cruise to Aegina Island

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Chartering m/y FORKYS includes full board services, two crew members (captain and first mate), canoeing and snorkeling equipment, fuel, third party liability insurance and all applicable taxes.