Activities on Board


It is a perfect choice to combine your day cruise with a canoeing experience. No previous canoeing experience is necessary! It is an enormous opportunity to paddle along the beatiful coastlines of the nearby islands, with the sandy beaches, the rocky cliffs, and the mysterious caves.  Motor yacht Forkys can carry up to two single canoes per cruise.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

The nearby islands is one of the most unique and popular destinations for diving holidays and travel in Greece. On the seabed you will find a spectacular array of colours, fauna, wildlife and also a variety of ship wrecks. We can provide all necessary snorkeling equipment for adult and children. 

Special diving excursions can be organised upon request. We can provide full scuba diving gear for up to 4 certified divers. Motor yacht Forkys is equipped with scuba diving air compressor, to refill the air tanks. 


Fishing is a fantastic and challeging way to get out on the water, have fun and learn more about the local marine environment. You can bring your own fishing gear, or we can provide you all the necessary fishing equipment upon request. Special fishing trips with motor yacht Forkys can be arrange upon request, for unforgettable moments.